gentlemen’s salon & day spa



Vip visitor’s book

“Thank you for chilling me out on my off days. It’s very much needed!
See you soon!”
Philip Winchester

“Thank you for everything!
Kesonum se pan (?)”
Oliver Jackson-Cohen

“Anyway, I will move to Hong Kong in January and therefore and to my regret I have to leave Budapest.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the great services provided over the last four years. You made my time in Budapest a better one.
Everybody in your team is very courteous and welcoming. Especially I would like to metion Ági, Iren and Blanka – they are doing an absolutely world class job!
Once more thank you!”

“Dear Masculin-Team, Last week, on Thursday 30 Dec 2010, I went with myfrench colleague to the re-vitalizing massage.
Due to the following bank holidays we were unfortunately not able to come back and to thank Betty and Brigi for the great and friendly service.
The massage “healed” our broken backs (we already got some unsuccessful treatmentsin Germany).
We keep you into good remembrance and will surely come back as soon as we will be in Budapest!
Köszönöm and best regards!”
Stephan K.
“My feet feel amazing! I can now bend a spoon with them!”
Uri Geller

“I had the best Pedicure and Massage. The place is elegant and I would recommend this to anyone.
Adrian Paul

“With kindness and greatfulness for the high quality service! Till next time”
Lothar Matthäus

“A wunderful relaxing experience is beautiful surrandings. I would highly recommend this salon to anyone wanting to escape the city.”
Christopher Evans

“It was an unforgettable experiance, thank u very much! I’ll come back!”

“Pleasant and tasty atmosphere. Good spirit. Kind girls… You relax, you pamper yourself and you are pampered…. What else you could ask for?”

“The style himself the man, and here everybody this radiates, only in that manner than the place, which he was for me really!
Thank you very much!”

“I wanted to thank you all again for giving me a small taste of a king’s life at MASCULIN. I really felt great at your spa!”

“…The entire place is masterful! Everything is so set on edge and yet I felt really at home… Thank you for the attention!”

“The must indulgent Thursday morning I ever had! Thank you,”
Harry Lloyd

“Very pleasureable but slightly painfull experience!”
Jonas Armstrong
Jonas is a nimp if he thinks that was painfull. I will show him painfull !!
Great stuff.
Richard Armitage
P.S.: Only kidding!

“A ‘smoothie’s paradise… A ‘metroszexuals’ heaven… I’m none, I’m just satisfied.”

“Earlier I have been thinking a lot what might a perfect Saturday afternoon be? Question is solved. The time I spent here, was just perfect.”

“I like this place. Pleasant environment, charming staff: this is the Quality itself!!”

“Until now I haven’t really known what do I exactly except from a ‘pampering spa’. Now I know, so I am not going anywhere else! I’ll be back :)”

“At first I was a bit afraid, because all in all, how does it look like, a man visiting a beauty salon! (Ok, I know it is absolutely normal! 🙂 The second time made me realize, I simply won’t care how does it ‘look like’ from the outside. Anyone who has been indoors, knows what is important, and who hasn’t visited the spa, will never know. The first time, is always new, so you can’t judge by it, I had a great time during my second visit, so there is definitely going to be a third one too…”

Thank you!”

“Thank you for the great time and the excelllent service!
All the best.”
Octavio Zambrano