gentlemen’s salon & day spa



the designer’s recommendation

“I have been doing interior decorating for ten years now. During this time I have had the opportunity to work together with many clients, experience many different styles. It is never a simple task to help someone’s dream come true who honors me with his confidence. This order was special for many reasons. In seven months a dream came true, an idea of an elegant place that reflects high standards in every way, where together with the body the soul can rest as well. Besides the top quality of the functional equipment we laid great emphasis on the aesthetic value of the interior.

We have used only high-class materials to MASCULIN. The carefully planned colour scheme of the interior and the decoration from the owner’s collection makes it a cozy place. I wish that all guests would enjoy pampering treatments as much as I enjoyed working on this project. It has been a gift – probably due to those ten years – towork with a great procurer, to design a wonderful place, to survive the excitements of the construction, and to feel support and trust throughout the whole time so that the very last object could be put in the right place. I recommend it to every exigent man – go and enjoy pampering – it has been designed for you!”

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