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Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier has recently created new branches of decorative cosmetics and gave them fantasy inspired names: ‘Tout Beau’ and the ‘Le Male’. These are the first make up products that were developed specifically for males.
Among the products you can find bronzing powders, cover sticks, eye liners, and lip-balms in three different shades: Natural, light skin colour, and sand.
According to Gaultier these cosmetics and their accessories contribute to help males emphasize their best lineaments, strengthen their ‘Masculine Character’, and make them look more handsome as well.
The Cosmetics have an eye-catching packaging. The powder and the brush that goes with it are in a form of a shiny black cube that resembles with objects often found on top positioned men’s desks. The strengthening nail polish reminds us of a highlighter, whereas the cover stick and the eye liner look like members of a fancy ball pen collection.
The above mentioned product lines and a broad selection of Gaultier’s men’s perfumes can be purchased in MASCULIN. Ask for help from our make-up artists!