gentlemen’s salon & day spa


day and night

Personal make-up consultation – 15 minutes
Exposing usage of Jean Paul Gaultier products, performing the application of personalized make up and cosmetics products. (Free of charge)

Refreshing make-up – 15 minutes
Refreshing, revitalizing tired skin and eyes.

Natural make-up – 15 minutes
light base application, eyelash enrichment.

Corrective make-up – 30 minutes
Concealing the imperfections on the face, evening out the skin surface, shading.

Glamour make-up – 20-60 minutes
Following the latest trends, make-up for parties, interviews, family photos, special occasions.

Groom make-up – 30 minutes
Make-up for wedding: base, matting, shading.

Individually designed make-up and mask – 30-120 minutes
Face painting; mask preparing for Halloween, carnival, parties.