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traditional massage types

Aromatherapy massage – 60 minutes
Using the Swedish massage movements, this personalized massage is taking special care of problematic areas of your body. This massage is a perfect combination of eastern and western therapies. We use special apricot and cocoa essential oils, blending them with special serums, personalized to our guests needs. The massage oil and the serum are reaching the blood circulation via the skin epidermis. As the result of the session and the serum, impurities are quickly drawing out. The skin is becoming rejuvenated, firmed and toned. Essential oils might effect your senses differently: some of them induce calmness and relaxation, others boost your body with vital energy. Inhaling them by reaching your senses, they touch your emotions too.

Relaxing massage – 60 minutes
This massage is a combination of aromatherapy and gentle Swedish massage, and because of the gentle strokes of aromatherapy, it is very soothing, bringing you total relaxation.

Rejuvenating, refreshing massage – 45 minutes
During revitalizing massage because of the energetic pressing and rubbing your muscles release tension and circulation is boosted. To encourage the float of fresh energy we use our special reenergizing serum. This massage leaves our guests bodies and souls with renewed vitality and energy.

Sport massage – 60 or 90 minutes
Our therapist will use special kneading and stretching movements, to get your muscles in the best possible condition, and to avoid or minimize the possibilities of any muscles injuries during your sport activities. It is perfectly suitable to relieve any kind of muscle pain for example, after a sport contest. Ideal treatment before or after your work out, or any other sport activities.

Swedish massage – 60 or 90 minutes
Swedish massage is a combination of movements: pressure, gentle stroke, kneading, pressing, vibrating – all of these have a therapeutic impact. The main purpose of Swedish massage is to boost the circulation, increase the oxygen flow in the blood. It increases circulation without increasing heart load. Swedish massage also stimulates the skin, nervous, and respiratory systems, and soothes the nerves themselves at the same time. Swedish massage effects circulation, while promoting health and well being.

(Swedish massage was developed by a Swedish doctor in 1820, named Per Henrik Ling. To his techniques beyond anatomical and physiological knowledge he used ancient Chinese, Greek and romaine movements.)

Foot massage – 30 minutes
The foot massage is based on reflexology and our therapist works on specific reflex points. Activating these reflexes helps improve circulation and promote relaxation.

Back massage – 30 minutes
For back massage we use apricot or cocoa oil, and additionally you can choose from 3 different aroma therapeutic serums.