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diamond-head microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasia is the brand new mode of the peeling. The underlying principle in revitalizing is to stimulate the skin for regenerating; what means, we make the removing method of the upper\old flake, and it forces the skin to be stratified, with youthful layer. With exact removing of the upper flake, the young and operable skin-cell’s formating will be escalated in the basalis layer. The formating of these skin-cells means, that all layers of the demaged skin will be healthy. After taking the wrong horn-cells away with Microdermabrasia, the next step is the micromassage, what passes all the ensimcomlexes to the skin. It takes affect for the deeper layers, so the basic layer also gets the usefull agents.

The ingoing enzymes accelerate and regulate cell-functions, the blood-fluxation is getting faster. The enzymes has got anti-oxidant, what mortars “reactive oxygen species”, makes the cell-metabolism faster. Than, the final affect of the treatment is the regenerated and tightened skin.

The Microdermabrasial method is applicable on all surfaces of the human body.

The first occassion leads significant efficiences. It can be used for all skin-types, not disappointing, not painful.

The process is good for puckers, successfull against the scars.

The process makes slower the growth of the delphinium, repairs the problematic status of the skin.


  • Eyebrows – 15 minutes
  • Mustache – 15 minutes
  • Under arm – 15 minutes
  • Chest – 15 minutes
  • Stomach – 15 minutes
  • Shoulders – 15 minutes
  • Back – 20 minutes
  • Arms – 20 minutes
  • Bikini wax – 20 minutes
  • Full bikini wax – 30 minutes
  • Lower legs – 20 minutes
  • Tights – 20 minutes
  • Full leg – 40 minutes


Belex 08 is a combined facial unit, to give you a full range of facial treatments.
This unit can be used to perform a wide choice of facial treatments, exfoliation, skin toning, deep cleansing, anti seborrhea treatment, and also has anti bacterial effects, to heal acne skin.

Face scrub
(cleansing with tonic, or milk and face scrub)

(infuse skin care products deep into the skin by ultrasound)

(infuse skin care products deep into the skin by electrical stimulation)

(purifyingaction for oily skin by galvanic electricity)

(powerful circulatory stimulation effect, speeds up regenerative process, improves the metabolism of soft tissues)

Gentle or intensive passive work out
(stimulating the mimical lines or fine line on forehead)


Brushing – for de-scaling or stimulating the skin.

Spray – for easy micro diffusion of treatment liquids: solutions, lotions and tonics.
Moisturizing and toning skin surface.

Vacuum suction – vacuum for facial cleansing and stimulation.

High frequency – reduces impurities and sooths sensitive skin.

Micro galvanic Ionization – infusing skin care products deep into the skin, deep moisturizing and nutrient supply.

Desincrustation – a galvanic treatment used to achieve deep cleansing by drawing out impurities and excess sebum.

Galvanization – produces a powerful effect of circulatory stimulation, toning or moisturizing.

Gentle Passive Exercise – for mild muscle
toning. Firming, ideally toning skin, improving cell respiration with oxygen, detoxifying your skin. Resulting a healthy, clear even skin tone, and by drawing out impurities achieving to get rid of acnes.