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articles about us…

“… the style of the inner spaces, shows a unique way of design fusion. The super-baroque flower ornamentals, a crystal chandelier standing by the industrial steel supporting-pillars, high-tech monitors, and beauty units, Asian ornamental pieces, a glamorous samurai armour, and African animal skin textiles are alternate here and there, solving each other stylistic dominance.”

“… MASCULIN has high standards as for the interior and exterior design. The creators made no compromise and did their best in everything.”

“… At MASCULIN you feel like there is no excuse, like it or not, you will have the best of it…”

“… The decoration of the interior is worthy of note: baroque patterns, excellent materials, intimate lights help us get relaxed.”
elle dekor

“… As we step in from the compelling outside area, what we find is a truly creative design, extraordinary, fancy and yet elegant, clear-out milieu…”

“… MASCULIN’s interior is absolutely unique and powerful, from the special masculine principle, that is shown with the use of materials – leather, metals – shapes, and colours…”
Intérieur magazin

“… Our VIP guests got seriously hooked on our salon?s luxurious and club-like spirit, and so to say, they follow on each other?s heels, to get some wellness ‘a la MASCULIN‘. In the neighborhood rumor they say, it’s enough tospend a short time on the bench in front of the salon, and you are most likely able to catch a TV-, a movie star, or a football champion walking out…”

“… The MASCULIN salon and it’s nearly 200 regularcustomers are the proof, that the professional male beauty care – without the sarcastic mention of David Beckham’s name – has a reason for existence nowadays…”

“… For great happiness of the women more and more man are taking care of themselves, and the world has moved to a directions, where the so called feminine male attitudes are getting accepted…”