gentlemen’s salon & day spa



masculin philosophy

We have built a unique luxury salon, a men’s sanctuary, where the harmony of magnificent architecture, cozy atmosphere and refined taste immediately enchants our male guests. We wanted everybody to be amazed…
Well, everybody is amazed.

We have built and furnished the exterior and interior with special attention, from selected materials in a unique way. For the treatments we use the best cosmetic products, sometimes we overdo formalities a little, and in the long run we think of MASCULIN as a type of club. As a result, it is said that we are a ‘fashionable’, ‘snobbish’ place…
Yes, we are.

Exigent, well-groomed men of high standards will definitely find here what they need. The staff is pretty, professional and absolutely discreet. Hair removal, massage or manicure… Real wellness as a real man imagines it.
… This is our slogan.