gentlemen’s salon & day spa



Did you know?

Men’s pedicure and manicure is becoming more and more popular.
Men sometimes have just as much trouble with their neglected feet, as they have with fashionable shoes. Sometimes they are just too overwrought to take care of these invisible parts of their bodies, though the feet need serious attention. Imagine how your feet are closed in tight shoes for months and rarely might get some fresh air. To avoid irreversible harmful processes, everyone needs professional pedicure from time to time.
Here at MASCULIN Spa we pamper your feet with our exceptional wellness-spa pedicure. First your feet are soaked in a warm relaxing bath, while in the meantime we suggest you to enjoy the wonderful massage functions of our pedicure chair. We offer a bubble bath soak to increase your blood circulation. Following this outstanding experience, we take care of the problematic areas by using the newest technologies. We end our treatment with essential oils, lotions and our signature cooling spray.
Manicure usually is a matter of esthetics. Nowadays, a gentlemen, who is taking good care of himself does not attend any business meeting with uncared hands. We know this very well, so with our unquestionable expertness, high end machine technologies in combination with traditional tools, we do miracles to your hands in just 30 minutes…

We are happy to welcome our male guests for a free consultation, and with personalized treatments!