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Did you know?

Massage therapy is recognized as one of the oldest methods of healing. The word itself is probably coming from the French word “massage”, which is coming from the Greek “massein” (rub) word, in meaning – to massage.

People use massage from ancient time, intuitively massage or stroke their aching parts. Later on it became a conscious act, and nowadays primeval and cultural nations use massage just as well.

Masculin Spa beyond the traditional types of massages offers to the guests something unique. With our internationally well known partner, Phytomer, we give you a wide selection of those treatments that men were not able to enjoy before. These different kinds of massages, therapies, treatments, are based on two different styles: the Asian and the European rituals.
Our spa gives you a unique fusion of these traditions, – featuring to our guests the exclusively pampering holistic treatments… -POUR HOMME-