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Did you know?

Men in Stone Age were already painting themselves; the Neanderthal males used harsh, violent colours to decorate their faces, and tattooed their bodies, to draw female’s complimentary attention to themselves and fright away other male competitors. But let’s just consider the Egyptian Pharaohs, the Incas or the Indian tribes who are plundering across the Wild West in their war make-up.

Certainly in today’s modern times and community, make-up has slowly become women’s privilege, although men’s face can also claim for nurturing, care, correction and giving more edge to their face at times. Hollywood’s men stars are well aware of this, since it is almost impossible to find someone who wouldn’t help his features look perfect outside the camera even on weekdays.

masculin and his partner jean paul gaultier brought makeup and other exclusive makeup products for males accessible to you in our country too.

Male make-up is in fashion, that’s what we say!