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Did you know?
“Cosmetic” is coming from the Greek “kozmetikosz” word, meaning: making beautiful, decorating. As far as we know today, the Egyptians were the first to use exquisite beauty products. And not only the ladies! In the tomb of pharaoh Menes besides countless jewelries, perfumed jars, mascaras, lipsticks, hair curling pins, combs and many different other beauty supplies were found by the archeologists. Although in Greek culture the honor of beauty and body culture has developed far later, it still remained the influence of the Egyptians. The habit of shaving, and even hair removal processions from other male body parts, and different beautifying treatments became common in the reign of Alexander the Great, the famous Macedon military commander. Unwanted hair was considered indecent, and neatness had accentuated importance.

Masculin is following these principals, we agree that neatness for men is extremely important. We know that men’s skin has many differences. It is 30% thicker, with more and larger sebaceous glands, this is the reason men age 15 years later than women. No matter this, a man skin needs to be protected effectively against the consequences of sun, climate, everyday shaving and aging process.

We are happy to welcome our male guests for a free cosmetic consultation, and with personalized treatments!