Best of Budapest

"This salon has absolutely everything that a luxurious hotel spa can offer for a demanding male guest. Except one thing, the 'barn feeling'. It's familiar sizes are just ideal, neither too small, nor to big. MASCULIN's charm is exactly that is does not have any superfluous spaces, every single square meter here is for the guests. The team is always making sure, that the place is never too crowded and there are no long waiting times either, so they can take care only for one or two guests at a time. This way the quality of the service is always on the highest level. All in all, we get the impression that this is rather an elite man club... perhaps, it really is.

Dear Guests!
From the 18th March, 2020 the MASCULIN Salon is closed idenfinitely. Our colleagues, guests and their family members must stay at home!
With the current pandemic situation, this is the right decision!

This state now seems to symbolize and signify the REBORN in the life of the 13 year old MASCULIN Salon!
Soon we will continue from here healthy, relaxed, reborned, with new energy and celebrating!

Please keep an eye on our FACEBOOK page and our ONLINE booking system for the expected opening time!

So long, take care of yourself and