gentlemen’s salon & day spa


said about us…

“It’s a luxury dream come true…”
RTL klub,Ötletház

“Today there is nothing unusual about that, when a man after a pedicure- manicure, also gets a facial…”
TV2, Mokka

“… Animal pattern, eastern atmosphere, decent sparkling, pleasant gloaming. Perhaps this is the way to catch the main stylistical characteristics of the MASCULIN gentlemen’s spa. Even this is certainly not enough to describe the absolute luxury, which welcomes guests at MASCULIN.”

“Congratulations, this is a wonderful place. There is no other like this in the whole country!”
Peter Bacso director, on the shooting of “Majdnem szűz”

“Those, who appreciate the intimate atmosphere, the modern and expensive accommodation and the exclusivity surrounding our treatments, are certainly willing to pay its price.”
Origo – Deluxe