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More than 50 years of experience in luxury skin care.

A complete skin care system that actively fights skin problems with an innovative combination of active ingredients such as plant hyaluronic acid, various vitamins, peptides, vegetable oils and extracts.

Scientifically and medically proven products with intelligent ingredients that stimulate the skin. Biotechnology and products containing plant ingredients with a long-lasting skin care effect, for maximum results, especially for the most sensitive skin.

BIODROGA MD products in facial treatments

As a result of its multidisciplinary research, Biodroga has created the revolutionary Biodroga MD TM product line, which combines skin care with medicine. A special care that perfectly meets all the needs of our skin. Its use is just as recommended in medical spas, dermatological clinics, cosmetics as it is before and after invasive beauty procedures.

MD = Medical Dermalogical, is medical, dermatological – yet within the competence of the beautician.

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